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As autonomy stalls, lidar companies learn to adapt

As autonomy stalls, lidar companies learn to adapt – TechCrunch Devin Coldewey @techcrunch / 1 day Lidar sensors are likely to be essential to autonomous vehicles, but if there are none of the latter, how can you make money with the former? Among the industry executives I spoke ...

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Xiaomi spins off POCO as an independent company

Yes, it’s official: TechCrunch is hosting its on space-focused tech event on June 25 in LA. This will be a one-day, high-profile program featuring discussions with the top companies and people in space tech, startups and investment. We’ll be revealing more about programming over the next few months, but if ...

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‘PigeonBot’ brings flying robots closer to real birds

Try as they might, even the most advanced roboticists on Earth struggle to recreate the effortless elegance and efficiency with which birds fly through the air. The “PigeonBot” from Stanford researchers takes a step toward changing that by investigating and demonstrating the unique qualities of feathered flight. On a superficial ...

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The robot homecoming is upon us

The robot homecoming is upon us – TechCrunch Darrell Etherington @etherington / 1 day Robots were everywhere at CES, as has been the case for at least a decade. But there’s a different tenor to the robots shown off at the recent annual consumer tech event: they’re designed ...

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Sony Interactive will skip E3 again this year

applications and databases. With this, they can take those workloads and slowly move them to the cloud, without having to re-engineer their applications and infrastructure. Power Systems on Google Cloud is obviously integrated with Google’s services and billing tools.n This is very much an enterprise offering, without a published pricing ...

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